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Program to demonstrate the basic use of Class, Object and Module

Develop a program that reads the basic salary, various allowances and tax deduction from user and then calculate gross salary. Create a class TotalSalary stored in a module name totalsalary. Objects that are created from this class will simulates calculation of gross salary.
# The TotalSalary class simulates calculation of gross salary.

class TotalSalary:

    # The __init__ method accepts an argument for
    # the basic salary.

    def __init__(self, basic):
        self.__basic = basic

    # Calculate Total Salary
    def total_salary(self, amount):
        self.__basic += (self.__basic * amount)/100

    # Deduction of tax on total salary
    def total_deduction(self, value):
        self.__basic -= (self.__basic * value)/100

    # The __str__ method returns a string
    # indicating the object's state.
    def __str__(self):
        return 'Your Gross Salary is $' + format(self.__basic, ',.2f')
# Python's program to calculate Gross Salary using OOPS.

# This program demonstrates the totalsalary class.
# with the __str__ method added to it.

import totalsalary

def main():
        # Get the Basic Salary from user.
        basic_salary = float(input('Enter your Basic Salary: '))

        # Create a TotalSalary object.
        gross_salary = totalsalary.TotalSalary(basic_salary)

        # Get the various allowance percent from user
        da_percent = float(input('Enter Dearness Allowances[DA] %: '))
        ta_percent = float(input('Enter Travelling Allowance[TA] %: '))
        hra_percent = float(input('Enter House Rent Allowance[HRA] %: '))

        total_allowance = da_percent + ta_percent + hra_percent

        # Get the tax deduction from user
        tax = float(input('Enter Professional Tax %: '))


    except ValueError:
        print("Error: Do not enter special character or string.")
        print("Only positive integer is allowed.\nAll values are required.")


The __init__ method has two parameter variables: self and basic. The basic parameter will accept the basic salary as an argument.
You do not directly call the __str__ method. It gets automatically called when you pass an object as an argument to the print function.
Sample output of above program.
C:\Python\programs>pep8 --first

C:\Python\programs>pep8 --first

Enter your Basic Salary: 60000
Enter Dearness Allowances[DA] %: 42
Enter Travelling Allowance[TA] %: 34
Enter House Rent Allowance[HRA] %: 20
Enter Professional Tax %: 19
Your Gross Salary is $95,256.00

Enter your Basic Salary: 152000
Enter Dearness Allowances[DA] %: 5%
Error: Do not enter special character or string.
Only positive integer is allowed.
All values are required.