Python ProgrammingPython Programming

Convert Days, Hours, Minutes into Seconds

Develop a program that reads the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds from the user. Calculate and display the total number of seconds represented by that duration.

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#Python's program to convert number of days, hours, minutes and seconds to seconds.

#Define the constants

#Read the inputs from user
days	= int(input("Enter number of Days: "))
hours	= int(input("Enter number of Hours: "))
minutes	= int(input("Enter number of Minutes: "))
seconds	= int(input("Enter number of Seconds: "))

#Calculate the days, hours, minutes and seconds
total_seconds = days * SECONDS_PER_DAY
total_seconds = total_seconds + ( hours * SECONDS_PER_HOUR)
total_seconds = total_seconds + ( minutes * SECONDS_PER_MINUTE)
total_seconds = total_seconds + seconds

#Display the result
print("Total number of seconds: ","%d"%(total_seconds))
Sample output of above program.
Enter number of Days: 5
Enter number of Hours: 36
Enter number of Minutes: 24
Enter number of Seconds: 15
Total number of seconds: 563055