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How to calculate the time difference between two datetime objects?

date1 and date2 are two date objects.
You can change datetimeFormat format according to your date format.
# Python's program to calculate time difference between two datetime objects.

import datetime
from datetime import timedelta

datetimeFormat = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f'
date1 = '2016-04-16 10:01:28.585'
date2 = '2016-03-10 09:56:28.067'
diff = datetime.datetime.strptime(date1, datetimeFormat)\
    - datetime.datetime.strptime(date2, datetimeFormat)

print("Difference:", diff)
print("Days:", diff.days)
print("Microseconds:", diff.microseconds)
print("Seconds:", diff.seconds)

Sample output of above program.
C:\programs\time>pep8 --first

Difference: 37 days, 0:05:00.518000
Days: 37
Microseconds: 518000
Seconds: 300