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Apply a style sheet in Matplotlib

Applying a style sheet:

To use the style we need to call function and here in this example built-in style sheets "seaborn-darkgrid" passed as an argument.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.colors
import matplotlib as mpl'seaborn-darkgrid')

# Prepare a list of integers
val = [2, 3, 6, 9, 14]

# Prepare a list of sizes that increases with values in val
sizevalues = [i**2*50+50 for i in val]

# Prepare a list of colors
plotcolor = ['red','orange','yellow','green','blue']

# Draw a scatter plot of val points with sizes in sizevalues and
# colors in plotcolor
plt.scatter(val, val, s=sizevalues, c=plotcolor)

# Draw grid lines with red color and dashed style
plt.grid(color='blue', linestyle='-.', linewidth=0.7)

# Set axis limits to show the markers completely
plt.xlim(0, 20)
plt.ylim(0, 20)

The following is the output that will be obtained:

Applying a style sheet