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Update font appearance in line graph of Matplotlib

Adjusting text formats:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

fontparams = {'font.size': 12, 'font.weight':'bold',
              '':'arial', '':'italic'}


# Plot a line graph with specific font style
plt.plot([5, 11], label='Rice')
plt.plot([2, 16], label='Oil')
plt.plot([8, 14], label='Wheat')

labelparams = {'size': 20, 'weight':'semibold',
              'family':'serif', 'style':'italic'}

# Add labels and title
plt.title("Interactive Plot", labelparams)
plt.xlabel("X-axis", labelparams)
plt.ylabel("Y-axis", labelparams)


The following is the output that will be obtained:

Adjusting text formats