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How to set Index and Columns in Pandas DataFrame?

import pandas as pd

employees = pd.DataFrame(
    data={'Name': ['John Doe', 'William Spark'],
          'Occupation': ['Chemist', 'Statistician'],
          'Date Of Join': ['2018-01-25', '2018-01-26'],
          'Age': [23, 24]},
    index=['Emp001', 'Emp002'],
    columns=['Name', 'Occupation', 'Date Of Join', 'Age'])


C:\python\pandas examples>python
                 Name    Occupation Date Of Join  Age
Emp001       John Doe       Chemist   2018-01-25   23
Emp002  William Spark  Statistician   2018-01-26   24
C:\python\pandas examples>